WEBINAR: Refresher Course on How to Test Your Emergency Showers and Eyewashes

We are hosting a FREE webinar  this Thursday, October 23rd, on ANSI Z358.1 that will cover the requirements for your emergency eyewashes, eye/face washes, and showers to ensure compliance with the standard.

Not only will we cover the significant requirements, we will also have a live Q&A session to where your ANSI Z358.1 questions will be answered by host, Casey Hayes.

Casey Hayes is the Director of Haws Integrated™ with Haws Corporation® and has been with Haws for more than 25 years. He is responsible for the management, strategy and execution of the global Haws Integrated business. In addition, Hayes was part of the working group that developed the ISEA’s revised ANSI Z358.1 and a past board member for Plumbing Manufacturer’s International (PMI).

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for this free informative webinar!

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