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Can Drinking Fountains Make a Comeback?

In an effort to not use plastic water bottles, drinking fountains are coming back into style. Drinking fountains are saving the environment while keeping people hydrated (Go Haws!). In Lafayette, Louisiana, a few men who are frequent runners, are in works of bringing drinking fountains back to Lafayette and they are seeking help. Last fall, Mark C. […]

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Look What Drinking Enough Water Can Do To You!

This gal wrote on a very interesting topic pertaining to hydration. She mentioned learning that woman should be drinking at least 91 ounces of water everyday. She also spoke about her skin breaking out and that recent articles have sworn that drinking the proper amount of water is the magic cure to acne. So she […]

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With sustainability at the forefront of many school’s daily operations, it has become a common expectation to everyday student living. Consistently, installations of bottle fillers are providing an initial step towards larger sustainability efforts. And Georgia College is no exception. Since 2009, Georgia College’s Sustainability Council has been committed to identifying and encouraging initiatives that will continually develop […]

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5 Secrets About Drinking Fountains You Never Knew

The first drinking faucet was invented in 1906 and patented in 1911 by Luther Haws, a self-employed master plumber. While at his rounds at a public school, he noticed children drinking from a shared tin cup. This unsanitary though typical arrangement inspired the inventor in him. Using available parts, Luther Haws assembled the world’s first drinking faucet. In […]

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PHA Motivates Fans of Water to Drink Up!

Since the inception of the PHA’s Drink Up campaign, fans of water have eagerly posted their favorite photos with hashtag #spreadthewater. We love the participation and entertaining photos and we are thrilled at the multitude of people that Drink Up! Water is the immense resource that proves to be the best sidekick throughout the day. We […]

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Helping O2X Go Bottled Water Free

O2X Summit Challenges, a series of eco-friendly mountain races, has a mission to return the world of outdoor fitness to its roots. The courses are designed to push runners’ strength and spirit to help achieve new heights. In the end, you’ll have a new appreciation for our planet and your ability to meet its needs. At […]

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