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Importance of Safe Water For Your Eyes

By Hayden Del Dotto, Haws Online Content Specialist Chances are that if your day involves using an emergency eyewash station, it probably hasn’t been the best of days.  An issue with chemicals or hazardous substances in your eyes can ruin any day, but if you add an eyewash with non-sterile water to this equation it could […]

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Infographic: Top 3 Usage Locations of Portable Eyewashes

What are portable eyewash stations? A portable emergency eyewash is a self-contained ANSI Z358.1 compliant emergency response product that is needed for locations without access to water and can be moved at a moments notice to meet the rapidly evolving needs of a chemical, manufacturing, or construction environment. When is a portable eyewash station needed? […]

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New Product: Need a eyewash but have no water?

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE Model 7601.15 is a 15-gallon, air-pressurized, self-contained eyewash with an ASME rated tank with optional drench hose. Model 7601.15 is an ideal solution for a facility’s ANSI eyewash requirements in locations without access to a continuous potable water source and where an ASME tank is required. More specifically, Model 7601.15 is able to […]

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