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Helping avoid unnecessary OSHA fines

In June of this year, an insulation plant in Phenix City, Alabama was fined  $27,500 by OSHA solely for not having a sufficient place, such as a wash station or shower, to flush fluids from the body in an emergency. In this case, the plant had been cited previously, which resulted in the large fines they […]

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Top Ten OSHA Violations: 2012 vs. 2014

A list of the “OSHA Top Ten Violations for 2014” has been released along with links to valuable resources to help your facility stay on top of safety in the workplace. We compared the results from 2012 and 2014 to create a visual representation of how far accidents in the workplace have come during the […]

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Industrial Insulation Company Cited $40k for Serious Hazards

We frequently hear comments from safety professionals that showers and eyewashes are rarely used and in turn they receive little attention. Yet, small overlooks can lead to large repercussions  that can affect a company financially. Recently, a company was fined over $25,000 for safety violations including not providing the appropriate emergency eyewashes and showers at a plant that works with caustic chemicals. […]

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