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Haws Corporation expands access in Middle East

Haws – Switzerland announced its expansion into new markets in the Middle East, increasing its investment and presence to come closer to partners in key markets.  This new extension will provide immediate access for customers in the region to help Haws better serve their needs and to develop stronger partnerships with local entities. Recently, Haws […]

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FAQ’s on the AXION eyePOD Faucet-Mounted Eyewash

AXION® eyePOD®- An AXION Eyewash Everywhere The AXION eyePOD offers a thermostatically-controlled, faucet-mounted eyewash that provides facilities with AXION Medically Superior Response eyewash capabilities in an attractive, low profile, cost efficient design. How does it work? Using the eyePOD is easy. Simply activate your faucet and rotate the front of the eyePOD one-half turn, either […]

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Why AXION MSR™ is truly a Doctor’s First Choice

Learn from Ophthalmologist Dr. Robert S. Wolff, MD why the AXION MSR is the ideal eye/face wash for following standard healthcare protocols, “I worked with the Haws Corporation® to launch AXION MSR emergency eye/face wash products. Haws recognized that traditional configurations for irrigating injured eyes were at odds with the protocols used by healthcare professionals. That is, […]

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Upcoming ASSE Safety Expo in Dallas

Are you attending the upcoming ASSE Safety 2015 Expo in Dallas, Texas? If so, come say hi to us! You can find Haws Corporation® at booth number 540, and grab a free reusable Nalgene® bottle while you’re at it! Come learn more about our various product offerings including our emergency shower and eyewash retrofit kits. The AXION Advantage® upgrade systems […]

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Case Study: Aquatics Center for the City of St. Albert

Eye safety can be overlooked in environments that do not often deal with hazardous materials. In the circumstance of an aquatics club, some employees are exposed to pool cleaning chemicals that are dangerous to the eyes if exposed.  Looking to transition away from personal eyewash bottles, the Aquatics Department for the City of St. Albert in Alberta, […]

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Make October Your Home Eye Safety Awareness Month

When working around the house, it can be a common mistake to not wear proper eye protective gear while working with welding or manual tools. Last year in the United States, 94,000 adults and children were treated for eye-related injuries resulting in activities from home. Prevent Blindness® has published a list of the top most common […]

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