pH Neutral vs Saline Eyewash: When To Use

Personal Emergency Eyewashes are for use when dust, dirt, chemicals and other contaminants come into contact with the eyes. With multiple solution options, you need to determine which is appropriate for the most effective rinse.Saline_waterInEye_Resty_PP

STEP 1: Determine Type of Substance (Foreign, acid, alkali, irritant)

STEP 2: Select Appropriate Fluid Type and Rinse (pH Neutralizer or Saline)

STEP 3: Continue Rinsing

STEP 4: Rinse as Directed (Duration)

It is important to ensure the eyewash liquid hits the eyes with a soft, even flow. The Haws’ DUO Personal Eyewashes provide simultaneous eye coverage allowing for both eyes to be treated with an advanced rinse process for supplementary flushing support.

Learn more about how the pH Neutralizer phosphate solution works by viewing the back page of this chart.

Download this pH Neutralizer vs Saline Solution chart. Download Chart>>

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