ANSI Z358.1 FAQ: What is the Weekly Test vs. the Annual Test?

Are you unsure of when you should test the emergency showers and eyewashes in your facility? Do you know the difference between the weekly and annual testing requirements? In certain cases, a full 15-minute drench period is not required, however it is important to know what is required on a weekly basis versus annually.


Per the ANSI Z358.1 standard, you are required to activate the emergency equipment weekly to verify operation and to ensure there is a flushing fluid supply and clear the supply line of any sediment build-up that could prevent the flushing fluid from being delivered due to stagnant water.

How long do you activate for? ANSI states the duration of the weekly activation depends on the amount of water contained in the unit itself and all sections of pipework that are not a part of a constant circulation system, also known as the “dead leg” portions. The goal of the weekly activation is to flush out the stagnant water in the dead leg completely.


All emergency eyewashes, eye/face washes, showers and combination units are required to be fully inspected annually to ensure conformance with the installation section of the Z358.1 standard for that type of equipment. The following some of the requirements that need to be met for the annual test:

  1. The equipment must be assembled and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, including flushing fluid delivery requirement.
  2. Equipment must be accessible within 10 seconds, located on the same level as the potential hazard, and must be free of obstructions that may inhibit immediate use.
  3. Must be identified with well-lit, highly visible signage.
  4. Equipment must be connected to a supply of flushing fluid that can produce the required flush time of a full 15 minutes.
  5. Where the possibility of freezing conditions exists, equipment must be protected from freezing or freeze-protected equipment must be installed.
  6. Must deliver tepid flushing fluid for the full 15-minute drench period.
  7. Equipment must go from “off” to “one” in one second or less.
  8. Must provide a controlled flow of flushing fluid at a velocity low enough to be non-injurious to the user.

How long do you activate for? As stated above, you need to ensure the equipment is is delivering tepid flushing fluid for a full 15 minutes.

For full detailed information on the ANSI Z358.1 requirements for Emergency Eyewashes and Showers, watch the FREE on-demand webinar HERE.

For more ANSI resources such as a testing checklist, click here.

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  1. Richard D. Goodman CSSM,STS December 4, 2014 at 8:24 am #

    We use the Haws 9 gal. stations on our marine construction site with quart and 4 oz. emergency bottles at welding operations and first aid stations. I have treated the 9 gal. sites with 8 oz. of Anti-Microbial preservative and established 180 days as the date to clean the tank with a bleach solution, refill the tank with potable water and treat the water with Sperian Water Additive part # 32-001100-0000. An SSHO suggest the additive is only a treatment and the station should be cleaned and refilled weekly.

    I need supporting data for your product. And, authority other than ANZI Z385.1 which, like OSHA is both general and vague. Is there an LOI from OSHA or USACE EM 385-1-1which is helpful? ASAP please.

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