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New Specification Tools Now Available!

Visit our new Spec Tools Resource Page on that houses Haws’ new 3 part specs from MasterSpec for Drinking Fountains and Emergency Equipment, as well as access to Revit files on and Visit our MasterSpec® page. Visit our CADdetails® page. Visit our BIMobject® page.

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Irrigate eyes like medical pros

[First seen in ISHN Magazine June 2018] Introduce the flushing fluid at the inner corner of the eye An injury can change life in an instant. According to the National Safety Council, occupational injuries occur every seven seconds in the United States. Luckily, through the years, stringent regulation and a growing concern for the health […]

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Safety Equipment on College Campuses

By: Joanne Benz, Haws Injuries caused during a chemical spill back in 2016 at Sacramento State College set off an alarm with officials at the California State Auditor’s office.  The California State University Chancellor’s Office claimed that it does not consider itself as an oversight entity responsible for health and safety, but instead provides guidance, […]

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Creating a ‘Comfort Zone’ for Emergency Equipment Water Temperature

[via OH&S Magazine May 2018 Issue] Creating a “Comfort Zone” for Emergency Equipment Water Temperature By: Samantha Hoch, Product Marketing Specialist at Haws® Tempered water has been a hot topic of late, but just as many installations need cooling of high-temperature supply water. Moving water transfers heat, either increasing the temperatures of the objects it […]

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Haws Satisfies Total Customer Solution with Addition of Haws® Services

Haws is excited to announce the acquisition of Zevado™, Haws’ former third-party service provider. Introducing Haws Services, a warranty and field service provider for emergency shower and eyewash products of all brands to ensure equipment is compliant and functioning properly. This new offering includes: • Factory trained and certified Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) • Remote […]

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OSHA penalties go up by 2% in addition to the recent 80% increase

Effective January 2, civil penalties for violations of workplace safety and health standards are 2 percent higher, with a new maximum fine of nearly $130,000. OSHA increased its penalties to adjust for inflation as required by the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 2015, which initially raised civil penalties by 78 percent after over […]

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