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How Safe Are Drinking Fountains in NYC?

Clean water has been a topic of both national and local concern in recent years. Flint, Mich., famously made headlines in 2014 for its dangerous, lead-tainted water supply — a major threat to children’s brains and nervous systems, as well as adults’ reproductive systems. People disparage drinking fountains all the time, but they provide a needed service […]

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YOUR SIMPLIFIED GUIDE TO ANSI Z358.1 Attend and receive a Certificate of Attendance to submit for education credits. Did you know that more than 20,000 workplace eye injuries occur each year? Did you know that at least 90% of those injuries were preventable with the use of proper PPE and Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment? […]

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Safety Equipment on College Campuses

By: Joanne Benz, Haws Injuries caused during a chemical spill back in 2016 at Sacramento State College set off an alarm with officials at the California State Auditor’s office.  The California State University Chancellor’s Office claimed that it does not consider itself as an oversight entity responsible for health and safety, but instead provides guidance, […]

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Haws Provides Reusable Bottles for Georgia College Sustainability Event

Every year the Georgia College Office of Sustainability host a symposium for the campus and community. This year they had a professor name John Sabraw from Ohio State University present. His mission is to remediate streams affected by acid mine drainage by utilizing the iron oxide byproduct to create acrylic and oil paint. During the transformative […]

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Haws is hiring for multiple positions!

If you’re passionate about making a difference and working with a company that shares that drive, we’d like to hear from you. Visit our Careers page to view the current job openings at Haws: CAREERS PAGE We are looking for: Global Sourcing Manager Human Resources Generalist Manufacturing Engineer / Technician Senior Global Product Manager Buyer Assembly […]

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Haws Satisfies Total Customer Solution with Addition of Haws® Services

Haws is excited to announce the acquisition of Zevado™, Haws’ former third-party service provider. Introducing Haws Services, a warranty and field service provider for emergency shower and eyewash products of all brands to ensure equipment is compliant and functioning properly. This new offering includes: • Factory trained and certified Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) • Remote […]

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Free Webinar: ADA Compliance for Drinking Fountains

QUICK GUIDE TO DRINKING FOUNTAIN ADA COMPLIANCE The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that those with disabilities have equal access to facilities including wheelchair access to hydration products such as drinking fountains and bottle fillers. This 1-hour webinar will take you through the important dimensional requirements to know when designing a building or installing/retrofitting all […]

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OSHA Compliance News: Mistakes that hurt

Organization: Felker Brothers Corp., Marshfield, WI. Business: Pipe manufacturer. Agency: OSHA. Penalty: $110,458 (proposed). Reason for fine: Combustible materials were located within 35 feet of welding activities. Note: OSHA said wooden racks and form plugs were less than 35 feet away from hot work areas. The employer was also cited because machines designed for fixed […]

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